Because real expertise
doesn't grow on trees

Innovation is at the heart of our business

Whether we are pushing the limits of today's technology or inventing the laminated floor products of tomorrow, PROLAM is dedicated to stretching the definition of what's possible.
The fruit of PROLAM's incessant innovation are three proprietary technologies.
Discover just how these innovations set PROLAM apart from the rest.


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It's not just about the wood. It's about how it's made

Whereas most manufacturers are content to simply glue wood components together, PROLAM has developed a unique technology that takes the physical and mechanical characteristics of the material into account during the manufacturing process. Indeed, producing superior-quality trailer flooring goes beyond the species of the hardwood used. It is above all a matter of applied knowledge at every step of the production process that allows us to offer a floor of superior quality. The devil is, as they say, in the details.

Strict Selection of Material. Perfect Wood Preparation

PROLAM quality starts at the source: wood. We obtain our hardwood from the best suppliers in North America, taking into account climate, moisture content, and growth rate. We simply don't cut corners when it comes to the wood we use for your floor. What's more: our wood is moisture-controlled and tested in varying degrees of humidity, providing a reliable and durable end product free of structural weakness. You can rest assured your floor will be the best.

Not all gluing technologies are created equal

At PROLAM, we believe the gluing process is just as important as the wood itself. From the type of glue we use to the way we glue our wood, our proprietary gluing technology ensures that all the components to be treated with a single, meticulously controlled process. PROLAM only uses the very best melamine glue; PVA glue simply cannot cut it under damp conditions.

More than 125 trailer floors dedicated to quality control:
the results speak for themselves

No other trailer floor undergoes harsher, more uniform quality control testing before being released to the market. Our strict, surgically precise quality control ensures that each floor that leaves our manufacturing plant has passed the grade on quality, durability and uniformity. And did we mention that our floors withstand tests that simulate some of the harshest conditions out there?

Our mantra: zero imperfections, zero tolerance.

That's why every year PROLAM dedicates the equivalent of 125 trailer floors to the quality control process. We relentlessly test and compile results so that, in turn, a renowned, independent testing laboratory can validate our testing process and results. Some manufacturers talk quality. We deliver it.

The hard proof?

Not a single one of the laminated floors that we have produced in the past 15 years has ever had a problem. We have the lowest claim rate in the industry.

Higher Standard
Even Higher
Average Test Results
Flexion 2,975 - 3,850 lb. 3,850 lb. 4,300 - 4,500 lb.
Wet Shear 525 psi 900 psi 1,250 - 1,400 psi
Dry Shear 1,859 psi
(8% moisture)
2,400 psi 3,000 - 3,100 psi

Bending tests the strength of the floor material. Wet and dry shear test the strength of the glue lines by applying pressure to bonding material under wet and dry conditions.