Give your customers more
than they bargained for

It takes a lot to impress customers these days. And even more to cut through the myths and marketing hype surrounding the good old ways of producing laminated floors. But at the end of the day, a robust, long-lasting laminated hardwood floor goes well beyond species choice

Let’s take it from the top. Your customers are looking to save a dime. Or two. In today’s hyper-competitive market, small changes to their trucks, trailers, intermodal containers or truck bodies can make a huge difference on whether they make—or break—the bank.

So what’s the impact of a trailer floor in all this?
How does PROLAM surpass industry standards?

Five important advantages:

More durable

Our exclusive ZigZag joints are twice as strong as conventional hook joints floors. This innovator design reduces floor stresses and increases fatigue resistance against daily loading and unloading to extend the useful life of your trailer/container floor.

hook Hook Joints
zigzag ZigZag Joints
Stronger, Stiffer and Harder

PROLAM floors have superior mechanical properties when compared to alternative oak floors.


PROLAM floors weigh about 100 pounds less than alternative oak floors,
which means increased fuel savings and payload revenue.

Superior Moisture Protection

Combining our innovative over and undercoats WAXIN and P•u•R gives you superior moisture protection
for long lasting floors with the lowest maintenance costs available.

Environmentally Friendly

PROLAM is the only producer partnered with SFI-certified suppliers
who can offer environmentally-friendly sources of lumber.
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PROLAM has it all!

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