It's not about the wood
It's about how it's made
—and who made it

We build Laminated floors that last

Most problems with laminated
hardwood floor are related to excessive
MOISTURE exposure

Moisture accelerates the deterioration of the hardwood floor:

1 By degradation of the glue lines


2 By reducing the strength of the hardwood

Content of hardwood
Strength  Stiffness
12 % 14 300 pounds 1,82 psi
25 % 8 300 pounds 1,35 psi
Loss of -42 % -25 %

3 By making the hardwood floor decay under the steel plate

Decay on oak trailer floor under steel plate

floor_decay1 floor_decay2

Most of the maintenance costs related to hardwood trailer floors occur in
at the first few feet near the rear doors and mostly relate to the lack
of moisture protection.

Thus, to increase the service life of a laminated hardwood floor,
the moisture protection of the hardwood floor needs to be improved:

  1. at the bottom of the floor, especially over the front and the rear wheels
  2. on the top of the floor especially at the rear section near the trailer doors.

In the last 4 years, Prolam has done a lot of research and development to come up with a simple and affordable solution to improve the moisture protection of the hardwood trailer floor.

For the bottom of the hardwood floor, PROLAM proposes to use a polyurethane hot melt type undercoat which is a lot more durable than the standard water based undercoat generally used by the trailer manufacturers.

For the top of the hardwood floor, Prolam proposes to use WAXIN protection, an innovative protective solution. WAXIN is a process forcing paraffin into the surface of the hardwood making it more resistant to moisture. WAXIN reduces the deterioration of the floor over time. In combination with Borate, WAXIN is the best solution available to protect your hardwood trailer floor against decay. See the annexes for more details of WAXIN and borate preservative.

With its P•u•R, WAXIN and Borate options, PROLAM offers the most effective
and affordable moisture protective solutions available in the industry.
Use PROLAM floor, because Know How does not grow on trees!


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