It boils down to this:
your truck flooring will last only
as long as its weakest point

Industry insiders know that fatigue resistance is the key to longer-lasting floors. And fatigue resistance is based directly on the number and the distribution of joints per square foot of flooring. A laminated hardwood floor has more than 2,000 joints—an average of 5.6 joints per square foot. But that's just an average. In actual fact, more than 20% of a floor's surface has 6 joints (or more) per square foot.

The upshot: you need to protect your flooring investment.
Be sure that your floors are holding up against forklifts and other heavy loads.

Zig-Zag Technology: for tough, long-lasting flooring

PROLAM's Zig-Zag Technology is designed to maximize your flooring's lifetime value. This innovative manufacturing technology ensures that weight-bearing stress from forklifts is distributed throughout the flooring—a giant leap in technology compared with conventional hook joints. Conventional flooring with hook joints has built-in stress weakness zones. With more than 20% in the low-resistance zone, this type of flooring simply can't hold up for long.

830 lbs/in2 1,500 lbs/in2


With advanced assembly technology and an innovative finger joint design, PROLAM succeeds where other manufacturers have failed. You end up with stronger, more solid joints, and much greater fatigue resistance. Zig-Zag Technology outperforms conventional hook joints and sets the standard for the best trailer floors in the industry. Remember: true flooring performance is not just about strength, it's really about lifetime value.

zigzag_weight_conventional    zigzag_weight_prolam

Better sealing against water penetration

With PROLAM's Zig-Zag Technology, more than 90% of our joints are sealed tightly during assembly, compared to just 40 to 50% built with traditional hook joints. The result: significantly increased protection against water penetration. Our remarkable joint design and assembly technique work so efficiently that we have practically eliminated the sealing of open joints from the production process.

zigzag_hook_joint_conventional   figure2


More durable for a better ROI

PROLAM delivers trailer floors that go beyond everyday quality and durability standards. Zig-Zag Technology reduces the combined effects of water penetration and repeated stress from load movements. This higher resistance to wear and tear preserves the structural integrity of the floor.

PROLAM floors are more resistant to wear and tear, and repetitive forklift traffic,
ultimately delivering a better return on your investment

The tightest joint in the industry

Lab tests prove: Zig-Zag joints are virtually twice as strong as hook joints. Zig-Zag Technology distributes weight evenly along the length of the floor for increased strength during forklift loading. The end result: reduced stress on glue lines around joints—a primary weakness found in conventional floors with hook joints.