It's not about the wood
It's about how it's made
—and who made it

We build Laminated floors that last

Not all wood trailer floor manufacturers are created equal

Who do you turn to for your OEM and aftermarket needs?

OEMs of trailers, intermodal containers, truck bodies and aftermarket suppliers worldwide
rely on PROLAM for our unsurpassable standards of workmanship.

What makes us rise above the rest?
Quality, variety, and availability.


No other trailer floor undergoes harsher, more uniform quality control testing before being released to the market. Floor samples are pulled from the production line to be tested. Tests include: gluing, strength, joints, breaking stress, etc. Every order we fill has been strictly tested for quality control. If one of the tests indicates a result lower than allowed by Prolam's quality standards, the appropriate corrective action is taken on the production line and documented: zero tolerance.


While PROLAM offers only the best-grade laminated hardwood floors from 7/8’’ to 1 ½’’ thick we can cater to your other needs as well: the floor will be made according to your specs and blueprints. Furthermore, we offer a variety of customization options like WAXIN and P•u•R, which are exclusive to PROLAM to ensure that you get the best floor which will give your trailers or intermodal containers a lead over your competitors.


We delivery anytime, anywhere! And more importantly, on time! PROLAM delivers from coast-to-coast, all across North America. No matter where your aftermarket branch or distribution center is located, we guarantee safe and fast delivery. PROLAM has the highest capacity of Inventory of the North American industry. Its inventory space can hold the equivalent of 2,000 floor kits which allows our customers to respond quickly to an opportunity they cannot miss or a delay on delivery from their other floor suppliers!

Environmentally Friendly

PROLAM is the only producer partnered with SFI-certified suppliers
who can offer environmentally-friendly sources of lumber.
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