PROLAM just launched its latest WAXIN100 treatment, which protects
your ENTIRE floor. WAXIN100 is applied on every inch of your trailer floor,
creating a virtually waterproof barrier of protection. Your trailer floors last
even longer—which ultimately means more money in your pocket.


Protect the entire top side of your trailer floor and save big—with WAXIN 100!

You probably already know that the more hardwood floors get wet, the more they lose their strength, stiffness, and hardness. In a nutshell: dry trailer floors last longer. With PROLAM’s innovative WAXIN 100 protection, when water hits the floor, most of it evaporates before it has time to be absorbed into the hardwood.

Based on the same revolutionary technology as our standard WAXIN solution, WAXIN 100 is applied on the entire top side of all your trailer floor, covering 100% of all areas subjected to moisture. It creates a virtually 100% waterproof barrier against moisture penetration.

Our WAXIN 100 provides superior protection for 3 reasons:

  • It uses paraffin—the most effective means to repel moisture from wood, according to USDA studies. It is undeniably better than epoxy, polyurethane, or linseed oil.
  • Unlike other products, such as top coatings, our WAXIN 100 process injects paraffin into the hardwood, which makes it more resistant to forklift passages.
  • The protection is factory installed—maximizing the quality of the application.

And there’s more.

Consistent and advanced tests conducted prove that WAXIN 100’s performance surpasses that of any other treatment available. Independent analyses of moisture content—during and after a 24-hour rain fall—clearly demonstrate that the strength and rigidity of a trailer floor treated with WAXIN 100 remain significantly preserved compared with an unprotected trailer floor. In fact, it takes over 48 hours for an unprotected floor to regain optimal moisture content levels; with a WAXIN 100 floor moisture content levels remain within the ideal range.

The ultimate result? Trailer floors treated with WAXIN 100 last longer, are more durable, and help you to save you money in the long run. For more information, contact one of our sales representatives today!