It's not about the wood
It's about how it's made
—and who made it

We build Laminated floors that last


PROLAM is the uncontested leader in
laminated hardwood floors in North America

Over the past 15 years, PROLAM has produced and delivered more than 120 million square feet
of floors for the transport industry worldwide—without any quality issue or claims.
Impressive, isn't it?

Thanks to its investment in the highest technology in the wood processing business, PROLAM has redefined industry standards. For several years, PROLAM has been the first and only laminated floor producer to use scanner detection and automated cross-cut technologies to develop higher- and consistent-quality laminated floors. PROLAM is also the only manufacturer to use a patented wood coloration technology to quickly detect defects during the wood preparation process and reduce to almost zero the presence of light leaks in the glue lines, which in turn increases lamination quality. Finally, PROLAM is also the first supplier to introduce, in 2010, the use of the strongest end coupling joints: the finger joints. PROLAM’s structural finger end joints in its laminated floors prove yet again its manufacturing dominance in the industry.

OK, so PROLAM has the technology covered and the best manufacturing know-how in the industry.
But you may be asking: just WHAT makes a good laminated floor? Just the wood?

One word: NO. If you enjoy a good steak, is it just the cut of meat that is important—or also the way it was cooked? The same principle applies to wooden laminated floors.

There are mainly five features that make PROLAM’s floor,
“the floor” that you must have in your trailers, intermodal containers
and truck bodies

More durable

Our exclusive ZigZag joints are twice as strong as conventional hook joints floors. This innovator design reduces floor stresses and increases fatigue resistance against daily loading and unloading to extend the useful life of your trailer/container floor.

Stronger, Stiffer and Harder

PROLAM floors have superior mechanical properties when compared to alternative oak floors.


PROLAM floors weigh about 100 pounds less than alternative oak floors,
which means increased fuel savings and payload revenue.

Superior Moisture Protection

Combining our innovative over and undercoats WAXIN and P•u•R gives you superior moisture protection
for long lasting floors with the lowest maintenance costs available.

Environmentally Friendly

PROLAM is the only producer partnered with SFI-certified suppliers
who can offer environmentally-friendly sources of lumber.
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PROLAM has it all!

  • You have a special freight application?
  • You’ve faced or are facing floor problems? 
  • You are looking for innovative solutions to reduce weight,
    increase the floor rating without sending your investment through the roof?

For more information on PROLAM and how we can customize flooring
to your needs, contact us today!

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