It's not about the wood
It's about how it's made
—and who made it

We build Laminated floors that last


Stronger than wood

PROLAM has always put innovation first

We go beyond the obvious production challenges and focus on the business hurdles you face.
We push the technological envelope further to do more with less. We refuse to settle for the status quo.
We bust the myths that have plagued the industry for years (oak, anyone?). We obsess over ratings, weight, durability, and moisture protection. And we are even just a little bit more obsessed over the level of service we give our customers.

For the past 15 years, we have developed—no, perfected—our expertise in everything wood, from wood composition to processing to assembly to care. Before Prolam, the industry was at a standstill, forced to remain there thanks to the "good old ways." But, for Prolam, the "good old ways" were not enough.

We zeroed in on the details that can make—or break—a trailer floor. We turned convention on its heels
and used non-conventional methods (yes, testing our products literally out in the field).

Why? To make sure that our technologies were not just pie-in-the-sky ideas,
but rather solutions that surpassed our criteria in strength, endurance, and quality.

Above all, we raise industry standards
so that you can raise your bottom line

And if you think our products are tough, you should meet our team!
Our employees are our number one natural resource.

Our team's mastery of wood, technology, and production techniques are second to none.
The sheer knowledge of our sales network also means that you will get straightforward answers.

No fluff. Just you and your floor needs.
Just dollars and cents. Period.

Looking to find out more about PROLAM's products?
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